In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of our communication. From our cell phones to our computers, the internet allows us to connect with anyone regardless of distances. Despite these benefits, we still find problems across this process (according to statistics + 70% of end-users are not satisfied with their AV experience), from audio, connectivity, or video problems. These inconveniences result in delays, additional costs, and inefficiencies that can have a high impact on the quality of the experience, the costs, and even how our clients perceive us. That is why, over the years, solutions have emerged that seek to correct these problems and achieve a better user experience.

What is audio and video integration (AV integration)?

AV Integration is the merger of Audio and Video equipment and control elements (Hardware) to function as a unified system. Palermitano Solutions converts a workroom into a smart space through it’s simple and intuitive interfaces and applications. Each user can enjoy reliable technology and take advantage of the most advanced collaboration tools on the market.

Audio integration incorporates specialized microphones to capture sound evenly regardless of your location. Simultaneously, video integration allows us to have dedicated cameras that capture every participant in the room and even generate a point of focus on the person who is speaking. Connectivity is crucial to load our devices and to be able to project our content on a screen or projector within the same room. These elements usually add a lot of wiring that connects all these elements. However, we always disguise them from the spectators and visitors within the furniture, floors, and walls of the space.

We can consider a successful AV integration when we achieve:

  • Incorporating different technologies to work together without any problems while allowing smooth transition with new technologies. 
  • Allow simple control for all devices from a single user-friendly interface regardless of generations
  • Ensure that the technology is not an impediment or generates delay during the meeting. 
  • Generate an enjoyable experience that decreases or eliminates the need for face-to-face contact
  • Allows constant use 24/7

Within the Audio / Video integration solutions, we find:

  • Video conferencing systems: video conferencing is becoming a daily standard in today’s corporate environment and almost as universal as making a phone call.
  • Solutions for presentations: fully integrated audiovisual solutions for meeting rooms can help your business prosper.
  • Room scheduling: allows organizations to make the most of their meeting spaces, giving visibility to unoccupied spaces and maximizing the use of space.
  • Digital signage: digital signage allows you to promote what you want. In turn, it can be integrated into cloud platforms to manage these advertisements regardless of the location
  • Wireless presentation systems: no more frustratingly complicated cables or adapters.
  • Auditoriums: spaces designed to provide training, institutional events, shareholders meetings, webinars or other mass events where getting the message to be captured by everyone present is essential
  • Functional audio systems: consist of departmentalized music systems by zones when visitors walk around. 
  • Video walls: We design, install, and service video walls of all sizes, which capture and maintain attention.