In the digital and smartphone era, we mostly become classified by the type of operating system which we use. Video conferences have evolved throughout time from the cameraman, tv, and cables to the desktop camera to now its integration onto smart devices. Depending on the style of any household or organization, we usually lean towards one operating system than another. These variables may consist of social status, versatility, and or adapting to the integration of other networks. In this article, we shall cover the best video conferencing software used by IOS users in the USA. This information is open to the public and accessible to verify the information. Keep me in mind the IOS and ranking are subject to the region or country off used.

  1. Zoom Cloud Meetings: Currently ranked 4.7 stars out of 5.0 stars with 57,189 ratings. So why is ranked as number one in the business section? According to the reviews, it varies from quick and reliable, to easy in shared screens or share files and user-friendly. Now, what about the bad reviews? For those who complained and gave it a one star, the report varies from the app consuming a lot of battery to lag and the app crashing. 
  2. Microsoft Teams: Currently ranked 4.8 stars out of 5.0 stars with 302,452 ratings. Even though this is better rated, it is pushed back by one due to the number of scores. So, why is ranked number two? Most users like this app for its convenience with Azure, its user experience, and its features related to the Microsoft family. For those who complained and gave it a one-star, lack of integration with AirPods, system crashing on older devices, and run-pass sleep hours or do not disturb period.
  3. Hangouts Meet by Google: Currently ranked 2.3 stars out of 5.0 stars with 288 ratings. Now, with full disclosure, I am confused about how this app is ranked number three, but it is. People who rated it highly due to its a new app, and they enjoy the user experience with the google family amenities. Users do not seem to like it since their teachers make them use the app, bugs, and even lag in the system. 
  4. Cisco Webex Meetings: Currently ranked 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars with 78,132 ratings. Users praise the app for its user-friendly, easy to use, and their reliability. Their negativity starts professors making students use the app due to the coronavirus in which the student can not log in, and the app can not manage the number of traffic people logging in at once. 
  5. Slack: Currently ranked 4.2 stars out of 5.0 stars with 9,229 ratings. Users love this app since its “super simple & extremely customizable,” everything located in one app, and last but not least, the calls are a delight since sharing files is seamless. For those users who rated the app poorly, they complained about its functionality on an iPad, no longer have an option for dark mood, lack of synchronization across devices, and lack of remembering your username and password. 

Remember, these are the top 5 apps in IOS USA for the video conference calls in which you the user/reader can verify for yourself. It’s easier and faster to see what’s out in the market and not get confused by all these blogs, and agencies mentioned the best out there with no actual hard proof data to verify it’s content. Don’t you think? Thanks for reading, tune in for the next article.