Working Remotely. 

Now, due to security and safety for everyone, the job work shall change and shift. Luckily we have technology that allows us to be focused on productivity still remotely. Today we have to deal with the CoronaVirus. We have to understand all viruses are not alive without having a host transmitted via human, plant, animal, and or bacteria. To avoid getting any illness, one would need to clean with soap and water or a disinfecting solution. 

When it comes to our electronics, we can not clean the devices with soap and water regularly. If we do this, we are risking damaging the equipment. So, if you share the equipment with your colleagues at work, please follow the following steps to avoid the spread of the virus:

  1. Use a disinfecting wipe like Lysol, Clorox, or Purell after every use.
  2. Use a disinfecting spray from those brands, and even local brands from your convenience store or grocery store. 
  3. Always wash your hands, and if you can’t, make sure you have hand sanitizer with you. 

If you follow these steps, you will be protecting both yourself and everyone who uses the equipment. However, this would change if you are at home and share the equipment with your loved ones. Most people do not like the smell of Clorox or the smell of bleach. So if you are at home here are the steps to follow:

  1. It would be best if you had an apron, cleaning gloves and paper towels.
  2. Ingredients needed: Clorox, bleach, water, perfume
  3. For every cup of Clorox or bleach used, put 3 cups of water and a few drops of cleaning fragrance like Pinesol or Lavender.
  4. Use cleaning gloves and damp the paper towel to clean the devices. Make sure it’s not soaking wet because if it is, you will damage the equipment. 
  5. Remember, the towel paper needs to be thrown away after every usage. Otherwise, you will be spreading the bacteria and possible virus to other devices. 
  6. With the remaining water, you can use it to clean the rest of your house.
  7. Inside the house, make sure the windows and doors are closed. Use the disinfecting spray in your home ONLY after a person has gone outside and was in close contact with a group of people. Otherwise, it would be pointless to use the spray. 

Remember, if we maintain both ourselves and our devices cleaned, we can avoid the spread of any virus. These tips are handy not only for today’s CoronaVirus but for all types of infections. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, you learned how to maintain cleanliness at work and home properly.