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Home Office: 5 aplicaciones que potenciarán tu trabajo en equipo.

Hoy el mundo nos encuentra en una situación de vulnerabilidad. Con transporte, comercios y bancos ofreciendo servicios limitados, y la mayoría de las personas utilizando el hashtag #mequedoencasa en sus redes, ¿cómo mantener tu negocio funcionando? Tenemos una crisis económica y social inevitable por delante, pero como toda crisis, ésta

Top 5 Video Conferencing via Android

As mentioned in the previous article in the digital and smartphone era, we mostly become classified by the type of operating system which we use. If you don’t know which operating system that may be, please refer to the previous article, and our current focus is on Android. For those

Top 5 Video Conferencing via IOS

In the digital and smartphone era, we mostly become classified by the type of operating system which we use. Video conferences have evolved throughout time from the cameraman, tv, and cables to the desktop camera to now its integration onto smart devices. Depending on the style of any household or

Remote Work Tips for Coronavirus

Working Remotely.  Now, due to security and safety for everyone, the job work shall change and shift. Luckily we have technology that allows us to be focused on productivity still remotely. Today we have to deal with the CoronaVirus. We have to understand all viruses are not alive without having

How to start with AV integration?

Approaching the integration of the audiovisual system with the help of professional integrators is essential to obtain the best results. Organizations avoid wasting time and money by consulting professionals with the necessary background to ensure the best possible solutions for the unique needs of a company. Configuring and optimizing, today’s

What is Audio and Video integration?

In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of our communication. From our cell phones to our computers, the internet allows us to connect with anyone regardless of distances. Despite these benefits, we still find problems across this process (according to statistics + 70% of end-users are not satisfied

Benefits of AV Integration

AV integration is a solution widely used by the world’s leading companies because it provides a wide variety of benefits.  Some of them are: Increase in productivity: audiovisual solutions are a vital tool for the employees of an organization in a globalized world. On the one hand, it facilitates cooperation

Different Types of Integrations – Part 1

VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOMS The meeting rooms have become over time spaces for creation and learning, engines of teamwork and cultural integration and a center of high productivity for business. That is why transforming a workspace into a smart center is a great decision to consider in the business field. Multimedia