How to start with AV integration?

Approaching the integration of the audiovisual system with the help of professional integrators is essential to obtain the best results. Organizations avoid wasting time and money by consulting professionals with the necessary background to ensure the best possible solutions for the unique needs of a company. Configuring and optimizing, today’s hardware and software require the assistance of professionals to obtain the best possible results and prevent future problems.

A poorly selected and installation system can quickly become a real headache for everyone trying to benefit from the system. Without the correct configuration, problems may not manifest until it is too late.  This problem may happen in the middle of a meeting at a crucial time. The results can be expensive and consistent.

Professional installation means avoiding common mistakes and maximizing efficiency. Only with excellent integration of audiovisual systems can the systems operate to their full potential. By turning to experts at the beginning of the planning process, organizations can rest easy knowing that they are getting the most out of their hardware and software.

From Design to Space

Without exception, all large companies exploit the possibilities of integrating today’s audiovisual systems to their full extent. They benefit from the fact that a masterful combination of hardware and software is a powerful tool. Regardless of your industry or sector, technology saves companies time, money, and a variety of other resources at every step.

Innovation in telecommunications technology has revolutionized the way businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies operate worldwide. Companies that invest in telecommunications technology no longer need to tie their employees to a boardroom. Organizations with the right configuration can respond with incredible flexibility to any change in the market, a company crisis, or even bad weather.

The best way to start with integration is to contact an integrating company and raise the current dilemmas to solve.

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What is Audio and Video integration?

In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of our communication. From our cell phones to our computers, the internet allows us to connect with anyone regardless of distances. Despite these benefits, we still find problems across this process (according to statistics + 70% of end-users are not satisfied with their AV experience), from audio, connectivity, or video problems. These inconveniences result in delays, additional costs, and inefficiencies that can have a high impact on the quality of the experience, the costs, and even how our clients perceive us. That is why, over the years, solutions have emerged that seek to correct these problems and achieve a better user experience.

What is audio and video integration (AV integration)?

AV Integration is the merger of Audio and Video equipment and control elements (Hardware) to function as a unified system. Palermitano Solutions converts a workroom into a smart space through it’s simple and intuitive interfaces and applications. Each user can enjoy reliable technology and take advantage of the most advanced collaboration tools on the market.

Audio integration incorporates specialized microphones to capture sound evenly regardless of your location. Simultaneously, video integration allows us to have dedicated cameras that capture every participant in the room and even generate a point of focus on the person who is speaking. Connectivity is crucial to load our devices and to be able to project our content on a screen or projector within the same room. These elements usually add a lot of wiring that connects all these elements. However, we always disguise them from the spectators and visitors within the furniture, floors, and walls of the space.

We can consider a successful AV integration when we achieve:

  • Incorporating different technologies to work together without any problems while allowing smooth transition with new technologies. 
  • Allow simple control for all devices from a single user-friendly interface regardless of generations
  • Ensure that the technology is not an impediment or generates delay during the meeting. 
  • Generate an enjoyable experience that decreases or eliminates the need for face-to-face contact
  • Allows constant use 24/7

Within the Audio / Video integration solutions, we find:

  • Video conferencing systems: video conferencing is becoming a daily standard in today’s corporate environment and almost as universal as making a phone call.
  • Solutions for presentations: fully integrated audiovisual solutions for meeting rooms can help your business prosper.
  • Room scheduling: allows organizations to make the most of their meeting spaces, giving visibility to unoccupied spaces and maximizing the use of space.
  • Digital signage: digital signage allows you to promote what you want. In turn, it can be integrated into cloud platforms to manage these advertisements regardless of the location
  • Wireless presentation systems: no more frustratingly complicated cables or adapters.
  • Auditoriums: spaces designed to provide training, institutional events, shareholders meetings, webinars or other mass events where getting the message to be captured by everyone present is essential
  • Functional audio systems: consist of departmentalized music systems by zones when visitors walk around. 
  • Video walls: We design, install, and service video walls of all sizes, which capture and maintain attention.
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Benefits of AV Integration

AV integration is a solution widely used by the world’s leading companies because it provides a wide variety of benefits. 

Some of them are:

Increase in productivity: audiovisual solutions are a vital tool for the employees of an organization in a globalized world. On the one hand, it facilitates cooperation tools and encourages coordination between teams from different parts of the world without the need to travel. On the other, it increases employee productivity as it allows them to work remotely by staying connected at any time, any where. It is a new feature for any member of the organization which facilitates access to daily information and favors collaboration between peers who normally would not be able to get on in the daily basis. 

Improvement of morale and quality of work: facilities that help employees to rise productivity increases morale and quality of work. They are also very effective for employee retention as they help to create a modern and dynamic organizational context.

Cost reduction: there are many organizations that due to their geographical distribution or the way in which they develop their businesses are forced to transfer their members to other country. These trips result in high cost of lodging, transfer and overtime for organizations. Having a comprehensive AV solution allows you to minimize these costs and be able to hold your meetings without leaving the office. Additionally, in many cases organizations require the services of a professional who is not in the same location, connecting with these professionals without limitations is vital to carry out a project. 

Show professionalism: having integrated spaces with audio and video adequately improves the perception of our business towards our customers and other companies.

To conclude, from Palermitano Solutions we recommend end users to enjoy the technological features a bit more. Rather than finding a frustration in the difficulties of modernization, learn to see the long-term benefits that these changes bring to both organizations and the world.

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Different Types of Integrations – Part 1


The meeting rooms have become over time spaces for creation and learning, engines of teamwork and cultural integration and a center of high productivity for business. That is why transforming a workspace into a smart center is a great decision to consider in the business field. Multimedia content and access to content from any device and place are essential for a better understanding of the information, so AV integration is essential in long working meetings. For a real optimization of the content, the members of the meeting must have: high quality audio, content and video, ease to use technology and wireless connectivity.


We capture the audience with ceiling microphones to achieve interaction between the interlocutor and the remote audience. Modern workspaces for large groups must be equipped to connect their employees, no matter where they are.

The design mentioned above covers everything from the analysis of the needs, characteristics of the room, and the approach of the system, to the choice of all the audiovisual devices involved: interface for connecting the sources with the system, processors, transmitters , receivers, amplifiers, display devices (monitors, projectors), recording and transduction devices (cameras, microphones), control processors, etc. This involves an intense work of analysis and information search about multiple technologies present in the audiovisual market that allow to carry out the proposed design. It also includes an exhaustive search of devices that can fulfill the necessary functions.


Holding live events in auditoriums is usually a complex and demanding task, but the latest networked audiovisual technologies (AV) can make them more impressive and simpler to manage.

In Palermitano we help implement fully digital and networked AV technology that allows centralized control of lighting, HVAC, sound, projection and videoconferencing elements to allow the smooth execution of events with the help of smaller equipment.

We start with the design of the auditorium sound system and integrate elements such as large screen projection, lighting management, control systems and videoconferencing that allow more fluid management of a wide range of subsystems. By implementing custom auditorium speakers with proper speaker placement, our sound engineers ensure evenly distributed sound along with effective noise control and vibration isolation to minimize the effect of external and mechanical noise.

Centralized auditorium management is enabled through touch controllers that allow event managers to maintain control even in the high-pressure environment that inevitably creates high-profile live events. These control systems can be integrated with almost any electronic or electrical system, including HVAC, sound systems, lighting, curtains, AV devices, projectors, screens, cameras, videoconferencing systems, etc.


The growing use of screens by young people generates the challenge to incorporate new formats of working tools. The audiovisual market is increasingly present in the informal and formal field of students. Through the multiple screens that surround students, access to audiovisual resources is constant, especially through mobile devices. In the educational field, there are different audiovisual formats used: video fragments, short films or films in a transversal way as the object of study. 

The specific use of audiovisual documents by teachers is a fairly common practice, this is why classrooms need to be properly equipped with devices that allow a good transmission and understanding of the contents.

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